Sharing what disability feels like with you!

As a Disability Awareness Consultant, I want to touch on the lived experience of disability, and what that actually feels like.  I want to understand and explore what disability means.  What access/accessibility really means.   I want us to talk about disability in a way that is honest, that doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff - the realities of the disabled experience that are so often sugar-coated.   Well, not here.  

I will use my lived experience as a disabled man, wheelchair user and Cripple Content Creator to open up the narrative of disability and touch on parts of that experience that we don’t talk about enough.  I want to use my knowledge, share my stories and make you take a long look at disability from a whole new perspective.


 Services Offered:

Using his lived experience of disability along with his years working in the field, Andrew Gurza can offer you a variety of presentation models and workshops that employ Andrew’s unique brand of honesty and candour about disability that is refreshing and real.  These include topics like:

  • Traveling while Disabled

  • Receiving Personal Care while Disabled

  • Ableism

  • Employment and Disability

  • Access: What Does Access Mean

  • How to Make Your Event Truly Accessible

...and so much more.



$750 Special Interest Groups + Expenses

$1500 in Canada + Expenses

$2,500.00 in USA + Expenses

Andrew is also available for media appearances and writing assignments around the honest, lived experience of disability as a wheelchair user and a Cripple Content Creator.

Andrew's Speaking Engagements 


March 6 - Kings College Western University, Guest Lecturer: "It was a magical place where I grew up...and truly learned it was okay to be disabled". Why The Camp Experience for Disabled Kids and Their Counsellors is So Important.   

My goal as a Disability Awareness Consultant is to bring the experience of disability to you in a way that is open, fun and above all else, accessible.

Andrew Gurza is a Disability Awareness Consultant.  He brings with him a unique combination of lived experience as a disabled man with Cerebral Palsy, as well as a professional expertise from building a brand aimed at bringing those experiences to the public conscience.  He received his MA of Legal Studies from Carleton University looking at the law and disability.  His written work has been featured in Huffington Post, The Advocate, and Everyday Feminism, among others.   He has been invited to speak on topics such as traveling while disabled, being disabled in the healthcare system, disability in the arts and disability employment.  

His goal has always been to provide a disability narrative that delves into the emotional reality of disability, and what that really means and feels like.  He is unflinchingly disabled.


He wants to bring you into his experiences, while also asking you to confront your own ableism and discomfort around disability.   Andrew will help you understand disability from a whole new vantage point, and you’ll never look back.



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